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Pascal Line Tent

Promotional inflatable tents

Promotional inflatable tents

Do you need advertising, promotional tents that would stand out with attractive graphic design? We will create a unique showpiece for you that is going to attract customers and promote your brand in the best way possible.

Pascal Isometric

The benchmark for convenience and mobility

Pascal promotional tents



Pascal promotional tents are designed to withstand external influences, so they can grace your stand at any time of the year and in all weather conditions.

odpornosc na uv

UV resistance

UV rays will not harm them either. Thanks to the technique used, the print does not fade for a long time and the colours remain vivid.

bezpieczenstwo marki


While staying in tents, you can always feel safe. Our tents also ensure the safety of your brand, which is provided by an original and reliable choice of advertising medium.

Pascal Tent Tias

Promotional inflatable tents – let yourself be seen!

Are you preparing to go to an event with potential customers and you don't know how to attract their attention? Or maybe you're participating in trade fairs and are wondering whether promotional tents with the printed design are the right way to promote your company? The answer is yes, if:

You like practical solutions

An exhibition tent with a printed design is not only an advertisement but also a great way to arrange space.

You are looking for a more noticeable medium to promote your brand

Traditional leaflets that are thrown in the trash are becoming more and more obsolete.

You want to stand out among other exhibitors.

During various fairs or other events, individuality is what counts, and you can certainly achieve individuality by choosing original tents with printed design tailored to your needs.

You're independent.

Our tents guarantee flexibility – you can decide on how they should look and how they should be shaped, modify their height and add other promotional materials.

Make your vision a reality

Present your idea to us so we can find a solution together.

Quick and easy tent setup

If you were not born a scout and setting up a tent makes you nervous, you can breathe a sigh of relief. An exhibition tent is set up extremely easily, even in as little as a few dozen seconds!

Folding the tent is also not a challenge. It's also very lightweight, so you won't be lifting any weights. Contrary to the appearance, they are made of very durable materials. Aluminium guarantees a sturdy structure, while prints made using the digital printing technique are placed on polyester fabric.

dmuchance namiot pascal

Technical specs

Wymiary Pascal
Pascal Tent Specification

Key features:

Pascal Dopinane Sciany


Zipper fastening

Pascal Zawór Pompujacy

High-quality pumping valves

Allows you to set up a tent structure

Pasca Zawór Bezpieczenstwa

Safety valves

Prevents over-pumping

Accessories :



They come in handy when the tent is standing on an uneven surface.

lacznik namiotów

Tent coupler

Allows you to combine several tents into one integrated surface



Protect guests standing in the entrance from the rain

obciazniki piaskowe

Sand weights

Essential during windy conditions


Mosquito net

It will keep insects out of the tent.



It makes fastening the walls much easier.