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Pitch Advertising Wedges

Pitch side promotional wedges


Promote yourself in stadiums…

When you place advertising wedges on a football pitch or in a sports hall, your logo will be clearly visible throughout the entire match and will certainly draw the attention of up to several thousand spectators. Thanks to the interchangeable printing, you will be able to change your advertising slogans between different events and surprise the spectators with a new promotional message every time.

…but there is more!

Wedges are much more than a solution for football fans! They are also ideal as a part of displays, advertising stands, and many other types of promotional stands. Our wedges are made in many different (often unusual) sizes and shapes – together with Inventini you can be sure that you will create the perfect wedge!

Portable options available

Our folding wedge possesses all the advantages of its counterparts, and moreover is extremely handy to transport anywhere you wish to. You can fold it up quickly and pack it away even in a small car. lace your bets on practical and effective solutions.

Banda Skladana

Technical specs

Promotional wedges

Available dimensions:

side width 30cm
length 100cm
length 150cm
length 200cm

side width 35cm
length 100cm
length 150cm
length 200cm

side width 40cm
length 100cm
length 150cm
length 200cm