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Printed Gazebos

Fully printed Pop up tents

Make yourself visible
to customers

Do you need advertising, promotional or trade fair tents that would stand out with attractive graphic design? We will create a unique showpiece for you.

Stel isometric

Pop up tents, just like any other structure that people stay under, should be solid, strong and durable. To ensure that our tents are like that, we manufacture their framework only using verified, high-quality anodized aluminium. Thanks to the strength of this material, you can feel safe. Furthermore, this structure is extremely lightweight and simple to assembly, which will allow you to set up the tent in less than 60 seconds!

Pop up tents with advertising imprints

Getting ready for a trade fair? Or perhaps you are the host of sports events or other outdoor events? Your presence at your next event requires a suitable advertising tent. Why? The answer is simple – it will allow you to easily arrange your exhibition space, while simultaneously effectively advertising your company. The large, printable surface gives you the opportunity to aesthetically display your logo, company colours, and advertising slogan. They offer flexibility and a wide range of possibilities. Thanks to their clever design, you can easily adapt them to your own needs. If you wish, you can attach several walls to it (e.g. a full wall with your logo or a wall with two windows), thus creating an enclosed space, or attach decorative leg curtains to it, which make the open composition of your tent look even more impressive.

Namioty stelazowe / ekspresowe z nadrukiem reklamowym

Interested in what your tent could possibly look like?

Ask for a free sample visualisation. Send us your logos along with your guidelines and we will create prepare something for you.


advertising area

stelaz z aluminium anodowanego

The frame is made of anodized aluminium

You get the best protection against rusting and increased resistance to mechanical damage

gwarancja na 3 lata

3 years Warranty

The aluminium structure is covered by a 3-year warranty
(Premium PRO option – 5 years)

troska o srodowisko

We care about the environment

We are aware of the impact of production on the environment. That is why we minimize our impact on the natural environment. Utilizing modern technologies and production automation.

tkanina poliestrowa

Polyester fabric

druk sublimacyjny

Ecological sublimation printing

dostawa 14 dni

roof with double-sided print

Efficiency and endurance

Do you need even more space for your advertising message? No problem. We can easily double the print area. At Inventini, we can prepare a roof or walls printed on both sides. This solution has one more advantage. Double-sided printing means that the cover of the tent will consist of 3 layers: two layers of impregnated polyester and an internal blocker. This makes the tent even more durable!

Advantages of pop up tents

rapid shelter from capricious weather conditions


trivial to install and disassemble

durable imprint, also double sited

a well-tested, reliable solution

Make your vision a reality

Present your idea to us so we can find a solution together.

Technical specs


Standard tents with a 45mm cross-section. With full anchorage, they withstand wind gusts of 50 km/h

25x25x160cm – 3x3m
25x33x160cm – 3×4,5m
25x44x160cm – 3x6m

WEIGHT (construction+roof)
21kg – 3x3m
27kg – 3×4,5m
37kg – 3x6m

Namiot Standard Wymiary
Wymiary Namioty Reklamowe

Premium PRO

Premium PRO tents with a 54mm profile section. At full anchorage, it can withstand blasts up to 100km / h. We produce premium tents pro in accordance with PN-EN 13782: 2015-2007.

3x3m – 33x35x168 cm
3×4,5m – 33x44x168cm
3x6m – 33x59x168cm
4x4m – 33x33x212cm
4x6m – 33x45x212cm
4x8m – 33x61x212cm

WEIGHT (construction+roof)
3x3m – 33kg
3×4,5m – 42kg
3x6m – 56kg
4x4m – 39kg
4x6m – 52kg
4x8m – 69kg

Przekrój Namiot Premium Pro
Wymiary Namioty Reklamowe 1
Wymiary Namioty Reklamowe 2
sciana pelna
Full wall
sciana z drzwiami
Wall with door
pólbok, sciana polowiczna
sciana z oknem panoramicznym
Wall with a panoramic window
sciana z dwoma oknami
Wall with two windows
sciana z oknem
Wall with one window
ozdobne zaslonki na nogi
Ornamental curtains for legs

Types of tent walls

The walls used can be different so you can adapt to your needs. You can choose one of the largest walls, walls with windows or doors, half-shells and decorative curtains for your feet. When choosing a kind of walls, follow the purpose of the tent.

In the kit, you will receive all the necessary products to enable you to easily transport and use the tents. The kit consists of a construction bag, a wall bag – and if the tent is equipped with walls – an anchor kit.

torba na konstrukcje

Construction bag

torba na sciany

Wall bags

zestaw kotwiacy

Anchor kit

Extra features

Namioty Handlowe jednokolorowe

LED lighting

Namioty ekspresowe

Printable weights

Dodatki do namiotów handlowych i reklamowych

Cast iron weights

Namioty handlowe ekspresowe


Namioty ekspresowe kolorowe

Mosquito net

Namioty Handlowe


Namioty Handlowe ekspresowe z nadrukiem


Dodatki do namiotów reklamowych stelazowych


Bandy reklamowe z nadrukiem

Advertising wedges

Bring a unique atmosphere to your banquet or other outdoor events with PRO tents.

Allow us to prepare an individual offer for you

Where does
it work best?

The pop up tent is the perfect advertising tool for people who value convenience and affordability. It is ideal for all kinds of events:

  • festivals, small sports events,
  • exhibitions, trade fairs,
  • family occasions,
  • mobile sales, catering,
  • sanitary points

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