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Promotional Tents, Gazebos and Arches

We have teamed up with a European company who specialise in Printed tent and inflatble branded products.

Are you looking for a marquee that stands out with an eye-catching design?

Let us create a unique showpiece for you so that you can better attract customers and promote your brand in the best way possible.

Pop up tents

Pop up tents, also known as express tents are the most popular choice of our customers. You will find them at every outdoor event as well as at trade fairs. They are available in sizes from 3×3 to 4x8m.

Advertising Tent With Print

Inflatable tents

Inflatable tents are distinguished by their modern design. They will impress you with their streamlined shape and ease of unfolding. However, the biggest advantage is their mobility due to small transport dimensions. Choose your configuration from the sizes: 4×4, 5×5, 6x6m.

Inflatable Tent With Print


The Startent is a modern event marquee that resembles a star, hence why it is often referred to as the Star Tent. It is based on solid steel construction, which forms a characteristic roof falling all the way down to the ground.

Startent With Print

Key features

Troszczymy sie o srodowisko

We care about the environment

We are aware of the impact of production on the environment. That is why we minimize our impact on the natural environment. Utilizing modern technologies and production automation.

Stelaz z aluminium anodowanego

The frame is made of anodized aluminium

You get the best protection against rusting and increased resistance to mechanical damage

Gwarancja na 3 lata

3 years Warranty

The aluminium structure
is covered by a 3-year warranty
(Premium PRO option – 5 years)

Dostawa 14 dni

Druk sublimacyjny

Ecological sublimation printing

Tkanina poliestrowa